Frequently Asked Questions

What is Playdate Planet?  Playdate Planet is a website that provides a quick and easy way to create and schedule playdates online.

I usually plan play dates via e-mail or telephone. Is this really easier?  We certainly think so! Planning play dates over the phone is extremely time consuming and inefficient. You often have to make LOTS of calls to find that one child whose schedule matches your own. E-mails are better if you e-mail multiple parents at once, but if everyone accepts the play date offer, your house will be overrun with kids. With Playdate Planet, you choose the number of slots you have available and then you can post the play date to as many friends as you would like. The spaces are filled on a first accepted basis. One post and your work is done!

So what do I do if I want to give the site a try? First, you sign on to the site (you can even connect via Facebook, if you would like), create a profile for yourself and your kids, invite friends (again, you can use Facebook to connect), and then post and accept play dates to your heart's content. The site is very user friendly and it takes less than a minute to get up and running. 

Who is behind Playdate Planet?  Well, Playdate Planet was started by Lisa and Meryl, with help from Lisa’s husband, Jim. But the real force behind Playdate Planet is you, its users. The more people who sign up and use Playdate Planet, the greater the experience for everyone. So become a play evangelist and spread the word!

Is Playdate Planet free?  Yes, and our intention is that it will always be free. So you don’t need to give us a credit-card number or any other financial information to register.

How secure is my information?  As parents ourselves, we know how important it is for all your information to remain as secure as possible. We’ve made every effort to safeguard the information you’ve provided, so that no unauthorized persons can gain access to it.

What do you do with my information?  Much of the information requested in your profile is optional. All of it is intended to maximise your enjoyment of the site by allowing you and your selected Playdate Planet parent friends to create and schedule playdates more quickly and easily. We never sell or share the information we gather with anyone outside of your circle, including our advertisers, and nobody outside of your selected friends can access that information.

Are there ads on Playdate Planet?  Yes. The reason we are able to offer Playdate Planet free of charge to you is by accepting – and, in fact, encouraging-advertisers. But you will not be forced to click on an ad to continue using this website, and you won’t be bombarded with them, either. That said, we’d love for you to patronize our advertisers, and consider using our Products Picks page, as a gateway to your Amazon shopping..

Who can see my Playdates?  Playdates you design are visible only to those friends who you have invited. Playdates you’ve accepted are only visible to you and the other friends attending the Playdate. At no time are your Playdates visible to everyone on Playdate Planet.

Why do you need to know my child's age/gender/zip code/area code/email/phone?  As we explained above, much of this information is optional, but it is what we as moms find  helpful to know when planning a playdate (address, emergency contact info, child allergies etc.) Some of it also gives us a better idea of who is using Playdate Planet so we can serve you better. 

How can I update my account?  Just sign in to your account as you usually do, and then click the “My Account” tab. Make your changes, click the “Update Profile” button -- and you’re done!

What do I do if I forget my password?  Just go to the Member Login page and click the  "Forget Your Password?" link. Enter the email address you used to register with Playdate Planet and we will send your password to that email address.

Which browsers are supported by Playdate Planet?  Playdate Planet currently supports the most popular Web browsers, including Explorer, Safari and Mozilla's Firefox.

Do I have to check the site daily to know if my child has been invited to a play date?  Of course not! We're all about making play date scheduling easier and less stressful. You will receive an e-mail any time your child has received a play date opportunity. Similarly, you will receive e-mail notifications if a play date is modified, or cancelled, and you will always receive an e-mail reminder the day before the scheduled play date.   

How do I contact Playdate Planet? We would love to hear from you so feel free to email us with any questions or suggestions.  You can contact us at or