The Funny Truth About Parenting

posted on January 8, 2013 03:27pm by

 On this episode of Parenting With Playdate Planet, I talked with writers, moms, and all around funny gals, Jenna McCarthy and Karen Bergreen about the unspoken truths of parenting. Often when women talk publicly about being moms, you hear lots  about "joyful moments" and "immediate bond" and innumerable other hearts and flowers type comments. What you don't typically hear discussed is the exploding diaper, the feeling of being imprisoned in your home, second guessing your choice to become a parent, a spouse who isn't doing his fair share, or who you don't allow to do his fair share, etc. But these and other realities of being a mom are there and I don't think women should feel ashamed or inadequate that they exist.

In fact, what I most dislike in another mom is that smug pretense of perfection. Face it, parenting is not a science. Every child and every parent is different, and what works for one family may not work well for another.  The moms that give off that air that they know best, that every parenting choice that they make is the absolute best one, and that their kids will never turn out like those boys from down the street, drive me nuts! 

Perhaps it\'s my innate insecurity rearing its ugly head, but in my opinion, that mom is in for a whole lot of future surprises. 

What about you? What\\\'s your parenting pet peeve? Do you have a funny parenting moment to share?



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