Reading With Your Child

A New Year Resolution?

posted on January 1, 2013 08:53am by Meryl

Well, first of all, happy New Year everyone! We finally have some snow on the ground here in Pittsburgh and it feels like winter. It is an inspiring background to make some New Year resolutions. Usually, I vow to eat better and exercise more and fail miserably at both. So today, in honor of my show this week on Parenting With Playdate Planet about how we can turn children who are reluctant readers into enthusiastic ones, I am resolving to read more with my kids. 

Yes, my children are 11 and 13 and perfectly capable of reading on their own. But reading experts say that reading out loud to your children continues to be helpful to the development of comprehension and vocabulary skills long after your kids can read independently. Plus, it is a great time to bond with the kiddos, and my children still really enjoy it, especially at night when they are tired.

Right now, my daughter and I are reading Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead. She is the author of Newberry Medal winning book, When You Reach Me. My daughter loved that book and so far is enjoying this one. My son and I started reading Pelham One Two Three, which is undoubtedly inappropriately violent and definitely R rated at times. A bad choice by me. I remembered enjoying this book when I first read it, and it is set in the New York subway which I knew Drew would like, but I had forgotten how adult in content the book really is. I am hoping to convince him to switch mid-stream to the first Alex Rider book which I bought on the advice of my radio guest, Melissa Taylor

Do any of you with tween and teen aged children, still read aloud with them? If so, what are you reading? How often do you have time to read?

Any suggestions for great books for parents to read themselves? Please share!





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