How Do We Make Our Lives As Parents Easier?

posted on December 10, 2012 05:26am by

HI everyone! I have exciting news to share with all of my fellow Playdate Planet parents. I was invited to host a parenting radio talk show which launched on Web Talk Radio in mid October. Parenting with Playdate Planet features interviews with experts from around the globe as I search for answers to some of parenting\'s most difficult questions. So far, I\'ve covered topics as diverse as raising girls, teenage drug use and addiction, how to grow resilient children and manners. This week\'s show is about how we as parents can make our own lives easier and it kicks off the new direction we are taking with our blog as we invite conversation about our weekly radio subject. So CLICK HERE to take a listen and let\'s get talking!

What do you find is your biggest challenge and how do you attempt to make your own life easier?

For me, I find the mental juggling act the most stressful aspect of being a mother. My husband is wonderful. He has taken over all of the cooking (and even most of the grocery shopping!) for the family and is a totally hands-on parent. But I still seem to be the one who carries the mental burden of parenting. By that, I mean I feel responsible for thinking and planning the kids\' activity schedules. I keep track of school necessities and camp sign-ups. I get the birthday party gifts and make sure that the kids get to the dentist, the doctor, and even the hair dresser on occassion. And I find all these mental machinaitons super stressful.

So do I get more organized? Plan out the whole year and write in reminder notes about yearly check-ups and six month teeth cleanings. I think that greater organization would de-stress my life, but so far it hasn\'t happened. Do I somehow crave the stress and adrenaline of almost missing critical deadlines? Or am I just so innately disorganized that I am incapable of reining myself in?

My New Year\'s resolution is to sign up for About One and try to bring some order to my chaos. How about you? What would make your life easier?



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