About Us


Lisa and Meryl met in the first grade at a time when schools still lined children up by height and we were the shortest two girls.  In addition to our both being height-challenged, we also shared a love of sports and imaginative play. We quickly joined forces and became best friends. We spent lots of time playing together after school and on weekends.

Now all grown up, Lisa works as a business analyst for an investment banking firm and Meryl is a recovering attorney working in real estate sales and writing fiction. Lisa lives in New York with her husband Jim, and son Tyler, and Meryl resides in Pittsburgh with her husband Dave, son Drew, and daughter Jessie. Despite the geographic distance and the passage of time we have remained close friends.

We also have never forgotten how important free play time was to our development. When Meryl's kids began elementary school, she hated the fact that the children had no playground and nothing other than asphalt to play on. She spearheaded a campaign to create a playground and sports field, complete with innovative play structures and safe play surfaces.

Meanwhile, Lisa couldn't understand why it had to be so difficult for parents to schedule playdates. When she came up with an online solution, she called Meryl, and Playdate Planet was born. We hope our endeavor will help busy moms and dads save time and reduce stress while encouraging play and fostering friendships that could, like ours, last for decades.

If you find Playdate Planet useful, please spread the word!! The more who participate, the better the system works for all our members.  And if you have a great idea for improving the site, please let us know.  We would love to hear from you.  

 Meryl and Lisa